Relax Immobility Technique SA 

 Relax Immobility Technique Course at 3000$ with 8 dives in minimum 3 days in Freeport (Bahamas). This allow the diver to put the sharks to sleep.This is the AMAZING Shark Academy Corp specialty course. At the end of the training you will receive the PADI specialty. 

Course: 3000$


 Course standard 

Minimum Instructor Rating


Minimum Student Rating

 Rescue Diver + Shark Expert SA Specialty

Minimum Age

 18 y.o.



Minimum Hours/Dives

 2 hrs - (120 slides) / 8 dives

Instructor Materials

 Relax Immobility Technique SA Study Guide, Instructor Guide and Lessons Guide.

Student Material

 Relax Immobility Technique SA Study Guide

Shark Expert SA 

 6 hrs of ground school using 330 slides and 500 pictures (NO DIVES REQUIRED). Open to any age.

cap.1: Biology of Sharks (2 hrs.)

cap.2: Classification and differences between sharks and other animals (2 hrs.)

cap.3: Shark dive technique (2 hrs.)

At the end of the training you will receive the PADI specialty certification and diploma.

Price: 180$/150€ 

Included: 6 hrs ground class, pdf book, PADI certification, diploma, shipping.

Minimum 6 students - Maximum 20 students.

Download the form below, fulfill and send with your photo to to complete your reservation/booking.

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In 2006 Riccardo Sturla Avogadri made a dream... propose to the main diving agency to have a single standard about shark biology, classification and shark dive! The project was approved from the listed scuba agency below + other 3 (PSS, NAUI and SNSI), riccardo propose the project also to FIPSAS, FIAS, SDI and CMAS but did not go thru. He certified 32 Shark Awareness instructors from different agency listed below and they use to teach using the Shark Academy Corp Shark Awareness Book. From 2006 to 2017 we certified more than 262 divers as Shark Awareness divers. (Mainly ESA, PADI, NASE, ACUC, ISDA, NADD, TSA and SSI).