Shark World Training Course

This course will be done from the Mares Ambassadiver and Master Instructor PADI : Riccardo Sturla Avogadri

 240 minutes of ground school using 355 slides and more than 1000 pictures. Open to any age.

cap.1: Biology of Sharks (80 minutes) - 85 slides

cap.2: Classification and differences between sharks and other animals (80 minutes) - 160 slides

cap.3: Shark dive technique (80 minutes) - 110 slides

At the end of the training you will receive the Shark Expert SA Diploma.

Price: 130$/110€

Included: 240 minutes ground class, Conoscere gli squali/Shark Awareness .pdf book "ITA or ENG" and Diploma.

The Online course will be thru the ZOOM platform - joint a meeting ID + password 

Payment will be done with: Postepay, wire transfer, Amazon giftcard, Paypal.

For booking send one email to with: Name, Last name, date of birth, type of payment requested and photo.

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Conoscere gli squali (ITA) - Shark Awareness (ENG) 

Italian and English version of the book used to teach the PADI Shark Expert SA specialty program. The book have more than 200 color photos in 140 pages. (Paper version out of stock).

ITA and ENG .pdf version: 15.00€

New Shark Expert book by Shark Academy - Price: 25€/30$

with Riccardo Sturla Avogadri
A lot of fun with Shark Stories, Fossils, Diving, Shark Jaws, Antishark equipment, Posters, Scuba equipment, videos, and much more! Riccardo will answer to any kind of questions about the Shark World!

Do you know the Sharks arrive in the Earth 350 milion years ago and they are still alive with 537 living species?

Do you know dinosaurs arrive in the Earth around 243/233 milion years ago and they disappear 65 milion years ago?

Do you know Cetaceans (Whales and dolphins) arrive in the Earth 53 milion years ago and they are still alive with 89 living species?

This is the reason why everybody in the Planet LOVE and HATE sharks... something MISTERIOUS around this Cartilagineous Fish.
Riccardo Sturla Avogadri (Italian and US Citizen) with part of the Shark Academy Museum will be available for the first time in USA to teach in the Pre-Scools, Schools, Libraries, Scout Troops, Senior Groups, Civic Groups and Museums.

The Shark Experience Program includes:
Power point slides (350) in English with more than 1000 pictures. 
Presentation in 3 languages (English, French and Italian).
Different type of shark videos (4 to 12 minutes each video)
Small exposition with description of 500 "ORIGINAL" shark items: Fossils, biological items, jaws, shark weapons, fishing items, shark derivates, 8 mm movies, video games, toys, shark gadgets (postcards, stickers, coins, stamps etc.), movie posters, antishark equipment, research equipment, scuba equipment, chain mail, shark sticks, books, lithographies, comics, vintage magazine, old journal, and more.
Adaptation for science level of each group.
Information on how to became paleontologist, scuba diver, biologist, shark expert, acquarium curator etc.
Special gadget at the end of the Shark Experience.
Information how to dive face to face with sharks all around the world with Riccardo.
Each presentation is suitable for up to 100 partecipants.

Riccardo Sturla Avogadri + Shark identification signals posters

Riccardo Sturla Avogadri and  shark identification signal posters for free if you buy a small mako shark teeth. 

Riccardo posters mesure: 70cm x 50xm - Shark signal posters: 100cm x 70cm

 please for information write me at: