1) We are AGAINST extreme Shark Feeding for Commercial purposes! We justify ONLY few techniques to ATTRACT sharks for research.

2) We are AGAINST people who EAT FISH and any other type of MARINE LIFE FOOD! Ask a fish/shark/lobster if he like to be eaten!

3) We are AGAINST people who keep at home any type of animal: fish, dog, cat, bird etc. The animals HAVE to be free! NO LIMITATIONS.

4) We AGREE to establish a DIRECT CONTACT with any animal in the world. Caresse any animal make them thinking we are good people.

Amazing Shark Week in Maldives in Tiger Zoo! The pictures talk themself. We also saw a Black Manta.

Next Expedition from 29 jannuary to 8 february fully booked. For 2021 booking please write me at 

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Incredible shark week in Elphinstone, Brothers e Daedalus. Removing parassites from 2 Longimanus make them quite and nice.

Next Expedition from 15 to 25 october 2020 fully booked. Please write me for more info at:

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Millions of sharks are killed every year in the world.  It is easily deducible, that a massacre like this cannot carry on over the years and as a consequence, it seriously compromises the existence of the shark populations which are affected.  This worry, is based on the fact that SOME sharks are not very prolific due to 1 out of 3 type of reproductive systems which is similar to mammals.  

In the light of these considerations, which have been already made, the apprehension of research associations is justified about the uncertain future of many shark populations.  Sharks have always been fished by humans (bad people!), but it is only recently, that due to the decrease in the most commercially valued fish species, that this breed has reached unsustainable proportions...