Shark Week in South Africa: Cape Town 24 March-1 April 2023

These below are real Carcharodon carchariasIsurus oxyrinchus, Prionace glauca, Carcharias taurus, Notorinchus cepedianus, leopard, cat sharks, etc.

12 divers only (5/6 spot left)  -

24 March 2023: departure
25 March 2023: arrival in the morning and 3 dives at the two ocean aquarium
26 March 2023: morning Mako and Blue shark full day trip
27 March 2023: morning Copper shark and afternoon Snorkeling with Penguins
28 March 2023: morning Great white shark or Cow shark and afternoon Cape of Good hope
29 March 2023: morning 1st dive with seals, 2nd dive in kelp forest, evening 3rd night dive in kelp forest
30 March 2023: morning safari with big 5 
31 March: wine trip with lunch + departure
01 April: arrival